My name is Courtney Chilton and I am the heart and soul behind QUART.

With a lifelong love for art and clothing, designing has never been far off for me. I started sewing at 9 years old, knitting at 10, and owned an Etsy shop selling my knits and sewn accessories by the time I was 15.

After several years selling under the name Knot Her,  I've now given my brand the name QUART to intro in a time of perfecting my design aesthetic and maturing my approach. Through QUART I am aiming to deliver beautiful, clean-lined, quality handmade items at honest prices to the marketplace. Currently I'm focusing on further developing my skills in designing with leather, so you can expect to see much of that. 

Growing up in Detroit has surrounded me with opportunities and outlets in a community of creative, passionate minds. I pull my inspiration from creation, motivation from my faith, and drive from the need to express the soul I've been given. 

On the Blog portion I write thoughtfully about the details of my life, both big and small. 

I'm so thankful for the support and encouragement I receive from those of you that follow me on my accounts. 


Courtney Chilton