QUART: Mindfully humorous

I have come to the conclusion that there are only 2 Movements in the modern western world.

The Fun Movement, and the Serious Movement. 

As "Mindful Living" rose to popularity, our culture drew a line. You either live mindfully and never laugh at Drake's dancing (cause you don't even know what I'm talking about), or you laugh at Drake's dancing and only drink Starbucks coffee. The only neutral grounds are natural beauty brands that can be found at Target. (Looking at you, Burt.) And of course the delicious posers, ahem, Naked Juice. 

The knights of King Kinfolk ran throughout the land to decree the law which states : 

If you read Kinfolk, you are no longer prohibited to listen to anything with a bass.

And if you listen to anything with a bass, you are not allowed to read Kinfolk.

And no shopping in each others' stores. Ever.


I have lived on the line of these two kingdoms for a year, and my mission with QUART is to blur that line and mesh the worlds! Peace throughout the land! Laughter and celebration and homemade bread and a booming bass and mindful rest and trendy shoes! Sounds like chaos, but don't worry- it's beautifully executed chaos. ;)