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November 1st


Laid in bed until 9 o'clock. First time i've done that on a Saturday in a long time. Checked instagram, read the news emails, brushed my teeth, found my way into the kitchen. The house was quiet and i soaked up the rarity of that silence. 

I started heating the griddle and got an egg out of the fridge. My mind began to wander back through the last 30 days. October managed to twist and turn itself until it was completely unrecognizable as the month any of us had anticipated. It flew by like a good night's sleep and was full of things that are so monumentally unforgettable, in good and bad ways alike.


I looked at the egg in my hand and wondered if i would be able to cook it exactly how i always want my fried eggs, or if it would be another failure like yesterday. And for the first moment i began to think ahead into this new, fresh month's future. It's full of changes and new things and new memories. I began to pray over all of the things that i knew were held inside the fragile shell of November. Then i cracked the egg and moved forward with my day.


Happy November.


Courtney Chilton