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Sunday Newspaper 001


I follow world news the same way the rest of my generation does (the few members of my generation who follow world news, that is) via media. I get daily newsletters in my email and read breaking news on twitter. It's just how it is today. Theoretically though, i love the idea of reading the bulk of the week's news in an actual Sunday paper that isn't in a glowing screen. But that just won't happen right now, especially with the way my Sundays function currently. 

Longing for actual paper newspapers aside, I have enjoyed some interesting reads around the web lately and thought i would make a habit of collecting the best ones and serving them as a variety platter every Sunday. As much for my own enjoyment as, i hope, for yours.

Here's this week's lineup...

Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling -makes me wanna add a back story to everything i ever do.

Astro Coffee was featured on Kinfolk's site. This is really big news; trust me. Check out the pretty pics they shot and the interview with Dai Hughes.

Leaving Your Corporate Job to Start a Creative Business (it's a 6 part series, and though i don't plan to ever need to leave a corporate job, i'm enjoying sifting through it.)

A Quick and Appealing Guide to Detroit over at Hither & Thither

Have you heard of the new Acorns app? It collects the "spare change" from your digital purchases and invests them for you. Pretty clever i think.

A Study on Slowing Down Museum Visits "Twenty minutes these days is what three hours used to be-"  (found via

12 Words Even Smart People Get Wrong -I'm a third generation Grammar Nazzi and i admittedly struggle with a number of these words (looking at you, affect and effect). 

Recently i purchased the Wild Sam Field Guide of Detroit and first of all, i love it. But what convinced me to pick one up, was the description of Detroit they had on the product page. From a 10 year local, this is spot on. ( i actually bought it from Astro Coffee featured in the second link above.)

Happy Sunday!


Courtney Chilton