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Worth Its Weight In Gold

A couple of Sundays ago I finally indulged in an activity I'd been promising to myself for a few busy months. I cleaned out my jewelry drawer. Ridiculous as it is, I had an entire drawer dedicated to jewelry. It needed sorting badly and much of its contents found new homes. My scale for the worth of jewelry had shifted over the past number of years and it was time to evaluate.

   On that Sunday afternoon, as I sorted through the many piles and tangles of beads, charms and chains I had accumulated over my short life, I noticed that most of my favorite pieces were ones passed down to me. Whether that mean hand-me-downs from the living, or antique family heirlooms. The silver Claddagh ring my mom bought in England in her early adulthood, the twisted silver and brass bracelet that my Dad's mom gave to me the last time i visited, the unique stone pendant framed in an ornate setting that was my great-grandmother's and of course the gold Citizen watch my dad gave me that gets worn nearly daily. These are the ones that I know for certain will stay with me through the rest of my days, wherever life should take me.

  My heritage is full of strong, faithful men and women that led beautiful lives of selflessness. One on one time has rarely been plentiful, but their legacy is carried with me in the pieces of jewelry they collected. What a privilege to be able to wear some of the accessories that accompanied them through times of great trouble or great joy or daily great faithfulness. I consider each one a gift; a gift that someday I hope to give to the next generation.  And let's be honest, jewelry has a way of lasting far longer than any other gift people give and it's always a little bit more personal to receive than a scarf or mug.

  Lately I've been more drawn in by jewelry that is not only understated and beautiful, but crafted to last. I invested in my first purchase of gold earrings last week, though initially bought for my overly-sensitive ears, I look forward to the worth they could hold for years to come. They're handmade to order and they'll always represent this monumental time of my life. 

  The history of an item can be worth far more than its weight in gold. Invest in a heart of gold and it will pour into those around you and even your belongings.


Courtney Chilton


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