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The Ripple Effect of Reflection: a study on invincibility and despair


Seeing as we are quickly approaching the new year, moments of reflection and self-evaluation are inevitable. I found myself in such a moment a couple of days ago when Into Mind published this post. Personally I always find myself in one of two extremes when looking at 365 days as whole. This year I'm taking a much simpler, carefree approach to reflection, but of course I have to tell you ALL my thoughts on the subject before simply stating my new thought. Buckle up kids.


It would be incredibly easy for me to look at things I feel that I've lost in the past year or things I regret and to fall into despair. Convincing myself that I'll never learn those lessons and will always make the same mistakes would be so, so easy. I've had similar feelings on New Years before. I end up praying that "this time it'll be different", like I'm God's cheating spouse or something. I can understand how people do end up making all the same mistakes, because they never let themselves rise above and beyond them. 


On the opposite end of the spectrum is feeling invincible. There have been (embarrassing) moments recently where I look back at all I've learned, achieved and overcome in the past year and thought to myself "I'm unstoppable." Which in some ways can be a very healthy thing to feel, but also very stupid. By this I mean that someone who thinks of themselves as unstoppable all the time will likely not stop to turn at the right intersections.  (whaddup metaphores). 

But everything in my life feeds one of these two states of mind. I read this article about how millennials (which in this case they consider to be the 18-30 aged people of today), simply aren't settling for just one career or undertaking or outlet. Instead, they're simultaneously very involved in 5-10 different things at all times.  Why? Because they know they can, and why not live a very full, exciting life? This article just fed my already ambitious, falsely invincible mindset. Oppositely, we're all very aware of the discouraging powers of the cyber world- which feeds the ready to despair part of me. 


So what on earth is my point?  

Frankly I'm not sure what my original point was. But now that I'm here, I'd say my point is this: 

Learn your 2014 lessons. Think them through, juice them dry, wring them out til there's not a drop left. Drink that very powerful juice down with the rest of your holiday cookies and leave the rind, emotions and all, in 2014. You'll have a boost for the journey, but nothing parishable laying around. 

That's my approach anyhow.  

Happy New Year, folks. Many days early, but nonetheless. 


Courtney Chilton