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In all honesty...


10:00am. My morning started much later than planned when I discovered, upon turning off my alarm, that the headache from a couple days ago had lived to see another day. 

10:47am. I sit back down with my coffee and glance at my to-do list app only to see that I still haven't checked off "take vitamins" from two days ago. I wonder if ibuprofin can count as vitamins today. And I think, Wow that's definitely one of those thoughts that no one should share with the world. 

11:08am. I realize I spelled the word "scarf" wrong in a recent ebay listing. That would explain why the only bid came an hour before the auction ends. Then I think about the laundry that needs to be done and -oh shoot- my awful toe nails need to be painted...

11:15am. Last sip of coffee. *crossed off paint toe nails on my list*  I wonder why my toes are always purplish...Should I see a doctor about this? Or what about that red spot on my nose that appeared a year ago... *having just read this post about this dress* I wonder how much nice velvet costs by the yard....

11:39am. I consider whether or not to put on my work outfit now or closer to the time I have to leave. I want to take the picture with my new necklace in my work outfit for instagram. I wonder if the designer will repost it... Not that I care or anything... How am I going to take a picture of my own neck?

11:44am. I'm now sitting in my work outfit and new necklace trying to remember when my new class I'm taking starts. The fifth? I hope the instructor likes fancy sounding fluff in papers as much as my past few have... Thank God for thesauras.

11:57am. I wonder, Will anyone read this? Would I read this? See this is why people don't post their honest thoughts on media. I would've made a fantastic romanticist writer with this fantastic stream of consciousness technique I'm showing off right now.

11:58am. I begin writing down things I'd like to achieve in 2015 and realize I'm being a tad unrealistic. But then I remember the mug I saw on pinterest that said "I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce" and I proceed with my over-ambitious list making.

12:00am. A notification pops up telling me that Willy's Detroit liked my instagram I posted yesterday and I think, I have arrived. Then I realize how many times I forgot to capitalize my I's in this post and go back through and cap them. Everyone thinks like this, right?? Can "Honest Is Hottest" be my new theme for 2015? Is that too weird?... Where'd my slippers go?