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Possible Prints? Yah or nahh?

So in the past I've had some fabric printed using drawings (ok, pictures of drawings obviously.) but lately I've been wanting to get some of my actual photos I've taken in the past year printed onto fabric. Here are a few of the contenders:



I can see this one in like one of my boxy shirt style. Something simple.




This one deserves like a pencil skirt or a high waisted circle skirt and a leather top. Mmm.... Yeah.... 




(I would crop the me out of this one before printing it.) it's obviously a favorite of mine considering it's the background of my entire site right now. But I just love big green branches and shadows. I know it's super trendy. Ugh. Trends. 

But this one is a dress. For sure. It deserved a dress. 



I would mostly use the white portion of this picture. It was my window on one of the worst days of our eternal winter we had in Michigan this year. (I only said Michigan so the rest of you would get fired up and all "the rest of the country had the polar vortex too, Courtney. Don't you dare discredit our winter!") Instigating, always. But about the picture, I can't decide what type of garment it needs. It's clean enough and interesting to do just about anything... What do you think?


What's your vote? leave me the letter of your choice in the comments!