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Hello! I'm sorry i'm a cruddy blogger. I always tell myself i'm going to really step up my blogging game and then i don't. However i wanted to stop by the old website to let everyone know where QUART is as a shop. 

First of all, i was originally planning on mass producing a line of leather accessories for this fall. However, everything about my life (ok not everything, but it feels that way) is different than i thought it would be by September. 

So what am i really going to do? I promised a new update right?

I'm going to make a collection of all one-of-a-kind garments and accessories to sell. 

Every item will be a completely original design of mine. That part alone makes me way more giddy than the thought of mass producing a bunch of the same square bags (although don't get me wrong, i love myself a good square bag). 

Why am i doing it this way?

To test out all kinds of concepts and designs i've been itching to try- and as a bonus, to build my portfolio. It'll give me a chance to really flex my designing muscles and to develop/establish my design aesthetic. You know, investing in my future, yada yada yada...

So stay tuned! I plan to list things in groups of maybe 5. So there should be some new things up pretty soon. (this evening's agenda includes sewing as many things as possible out of the leather i have laying everywhere in my room.) 

i also have two blog posts in the works that i just need to sort out my brain blurbs for. But i'm pretty stoked. 

Talk to you all again soon! Thanks for being wonderful.


Courtney Chilton