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A Love Letter to the Internet


  To my dearest Internet,


  I remember when we were first getting to know each other. I was maybe 4 years old. My sister (assisted by my mother) would play games on while I watched, wide eyed and eager to someday be able to read enough to navigate your wonderous abilities. Somehow I knew you'd still be there when I was ready for you. Before I knew it I was hurrying through my homework to run down to the office to be with you. I spent many hours waiting for you to process my requests, oh but the hours were but minutes to me for I so dearly loved picking out Barbie's outfits. Those were the early days when a simple phonecall could pull us apart.

  Years passed and our love has only grown. While everyone began to take you for granted, your worth to me only increased. For as I struggled to understand knitting on my own, you always had the answers. You held the secrets to microbiology and when I just couldn't remember my triangle shapes for the millionth time, you never said a thing.  

   Do you remember that fateful day when I started my first blog on xanga and my password was "poop"? Or when I recieved my invitation to Pinterest? Or when I made my first station on Pandora? Such simple, wonderful times.

  As the years have passed you've given me such invaluable gifts. You've kept me in touch with friends and family. You helped me begin selling little things I made. You listened to my ranting blog posts and helped me share them with the world. You introduced me to new music, designers, stores, cultures, blog circles, and events. Now you help me do grown up things like apply for passports, book flights, learn html coding, learn financing for startup careers, build logos, buy websites, pay bills. 

  Some people hate you and feel  threatened by your capabilities. But I see you simply as a great, powerful, friend. As the saying goes, "With great power comes great responsibility."; and you, my dear, are no exception. I take the responsibility very seriously, for ours is an invaluable bond that I foresee lasting through the ages.

  Thank you for always being there for me.  


Your doting friend, 

Courtney Chilton