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Sunday Newspaper 003

Congratulations, you made it to another Sunday! This week, as any week, was full of interesting topics all across the internet. Of course there was a surplus of reflection, goals, and recaps. I admit, I read my far share of all of the above, but that is not all I have to offer in today's newspaper. 



1. My favorite city was featured on Medium. (check out the article here)Written by the same people that make the amazing Wild Sam Field Guides. As a Detroit resident, I highly recommend the Detroit edition.

2. This post of jokes written by children had me laughing so hard. 

3. Have you heard of face mapping? My sister and I read through and the connections behind certain acne seems pretty spot on. (read it over at Byrdie)

4. According to the Guardian, detoxing is a commercialism myth. A very interesting read. (I think it makes total sense, but what do I know?)

5.In the spirit of the New Year, fresh starts, healthy resolutions, etc, Huffington Post wrote about the 8 Ways Forigiveness Is Good For Your Health.  

6.I'm starting a course on New Venture Financing from Maryland University through Coursera. Have you heard of Coursera? I've taken a lot of online classes before; free and not, but this is my first on Coursera. I'm excited!


Happy Sunday! I hope you're soaking up the weekend. 


Courtney Chilton