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"Are You Happy With Your Life?"


Let's all take a moment to acknowledge that life is weird. 

Now let's take another to acknowledge that no one really has it all figured out.

Ok now a show of hands for everyone who is happy every day. 

Put your lying hands down, you lying liars. 

My life is the encompassment of the first two statements right now. 6 months ago I had a detailed plan and thought life would never be this weird. LOL.


And it's cool! No really, it is cool. I have no strings attached, no roots down, no contracts or obligations. I feel a lot like Gonzo in this scene, except where the heck are my space fish?!

I envy you, Gonzo. You lucky, lost alien, you.

  Recently I was asked by a well-intentioned friend, "Are you happy with your life?" 

Am I Happy with my life???

I replied, in my calm-cool-collected style, " is weird right now, but it's ok. It's gonna be ok." Convincing, right? (Spoiler Alert: Best Performance by an Actress in a Major Motion Picture is going to me. In the film "Coping with Transition".) 

Meanwhile my eyes were like: 

{ Side note observation: I've noticed a theme amongst the many blogs about simplicity and intentional living. That is, if you are not in the career path you were destined for, and only interact with people that pour support into you (and consequently poop rainbows I'm pretty sure I read in one of the articles.), then you're doing it wrong. It = life.

Repeat after me: there's nothing wrong with you if you don't love everything about your life. }

  How do you explain to someone that you're "In a Gonzo in Space phase right now."?  Just floating around waiting for my space fish to show up and tell me to mow a message in my yard. Last year I went through the monochrome wardrobe phase; this year it's floating Gonzo--Millennials, right?! 

You know what I am happy about right now?

Who I am.

My capabilities.

Life's possibilities.

The insanely bright horizons. 

So this is just me reaching out into the oblivion of social media to raise my tiny voice and say: You're not alone, life is just weird. 

Ya feel?