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An Interview With Libby Hopper of GoldeLuxe


On Valentine's Day, Cafe Con Leche hosted a makers market (which I totally wasn't aware of when I went for a mexican mocha latte). This is where I discovered Libby's table selling all of GoldeLuxe's amazing things. As you've probably noticed, I'm very obsessed with jewelry right now so finding a jewelry designer that makes amazing pieces AND lives in my favorite city was like striking gold. (Or rather striking Golde ;) see what I did there) 


Anyways I contacted Libby to ask her a couple of questions about herself and her company. Here's how it went down! 


Where are you from?

I've lived in a few different places in Michigan but spent most of my youth in Concord, a tiny farming community south of Jackson, MI.

How did you get into jewelry design?

It was a pretty gradual process. I've always been into arts & crafts, and became inspired by the endless possibilities of jewelry after a few fun jewelry making sessions with friends. I opened up a shop on Etsy selling vintage and repurposed jewelry back in 2010 and knew I wanted to learn more. In 2011 I decided to move to NYC  and ended up working for a jewelry designer - after a few years I realized that being a jewelry designer was not the unattainable goal it once seemed to be, and I decided to design and make my first handmade collection.


 What is your favorite part about creating your beautiful jewelry?

I love it when I finish making a brand new piece. The components always look so rough and unfinished in the beginning that it's always a pleasant surprise to see it in all its shiny, new glory!

What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

I'm inspired by all sorts of things, and they are always changing. These days I'm loving graphic design trends, especially what's going on in Japan right now. My first collection was more primitive, inspired by the different landscapes of the world - both natural and manmade. I also love turning to pinterest for inspiration!


Has living in Detroit influenced your style and/or career?

I only moved to Detroit 2 months ago, but so far it has definitely influenced my career. I moved here for love, but the added bonus was that I could afford to focus on Goldeluxe as my main job rather than get a job working for someone else. That was impossible in NYC due to the high cost of living. I love it!

Where do you see yourself or Goldeluxe in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to have my jewelry in several boutiques around the US and the world. I'd love to have an assistant and a jeweler by that time, as well as a workshop outside the home where we can get really noisy! My goals are pretty modest, at this point I'm really liking being a small independent business.


Could you tell us a little about your process when designing a piece?

Sometimes I sketch, and sometimes I just kind of form the idea in my head for a while. I usually just wait for inspiration to strike - it happens at weird times, like when I'm at the movies or when I'm driving. Once I get the chance to sit down and get to work, I have a good idea of what the piece is going to be. Depending on the design, I have two methods of jewelry making I use - fabrication and wax carving. Fabrication is manipulation of metal, so if I'm designing a piece in this way, I can just sit down and make a finished piece of jewelry out of metal sheet or wire. If I'm carving wax, I take a chunk of wax made specifically for jewelry design, and carve the desired shape out of it with various tools. Once I'm satisfied with it, I send it to my caster and they cast the wax into metal.

Thank you so much for chatting with me! I wish you all the best. (and totally want to buy one of everything ;)

You are too sweet! Thanks and good luck with Quart. :) 


Libby will be selling her jewelry at All Things Detroit at Eastern Market on March 29th. Make sure to stop by and say hello if you are there, everyone! 

Go give GoldeLuxe a look over on her site and follow her pretty Instagram!