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Hidden Beauty

Head coverings for women are common across the Middle East, largely for religious but also cultural reasons. In most of those countries women are either pressured by their family and society to cover their heads or they have the option to wear it or not-- (in more secular and/or westernized areas.) However, Iran requires by law that women cannot be in public without the traditional Hijab. (I did a little research to make sure I was not wrong in saying so.) Though some women do support the beliefs that started the wearing of Hijab, being legally obligated creates a craving for freedom. Others just wish for freedom in general from the pressure of wearing it. This video touched me. These women are bold and brave and I pray that their passion and desire for freedom would eventually bring them to eternal freedom. 


I'm also thankful for the renewed outlook on the United States that this video has given. Conspiracies and hypocracy and politics aside, we are free in many of these ways that we take for granted. 


Courtney Chilton