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Life Lesson From Amy Poehler



   Until the past few months I falsely believed that I was incredibly gifted at taking life's punches. I would often tell people how well I handle change. Then everything in my life changed all at once and I began to realize that I've never handled life's changes very well. I tend to dig in my feet and resist both the inward and outward changes that come with an unexpcted turn of events. And apparently forget that I handled it poorly. 

 The other day, however, I came across an article in Fast Company about Amy Poehler. The article was featuring Poehler as one of their 100 Most Creative People In Business. In it, Audrey Plaze of Parks and Rec was quoted saying, 

  "There's a thing in improv called the "'Yes, and...'  rule. It means that if you're in a scene wth someone and they set up a premise, you have to say 'Yes' and go along with it. If your partner says 'You're a doctor and I'm your patient,' you can't say, 'No I'm not, I'm a fireman.' Because then the scene is over.

  "Amy has let the 'Yes, and...' rule bleed into her daily life. She never shuts you down. She always listens and wants to hear what you have to say. But at the same time, she knows what she wants. And you always feel very safe having her in charge, because there's just this underlying sense that she can steer you in the right direction." 


These days I'm trying to apply the 'Yes, and...' rule to each area of my life. To not just acknowledge the turn and let it happen, but to build on it, and let it grow. 

Read the full article here.

Happy Monday, friends. 


Courtney Chilton