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Facing Weakness


For years I've been a self-taught, home practicing "yogi". It's the only form of exercise that I've ever enjoyed doing regularly. Like many people, I go through alternating seasons of laziness and devotion. Usually my first few times after a season of laziness feel GREAT and I'm proud that my body has maintained most of its core strength and flexibility (which, admittedly there are never mass amounts of) . 

Well I had an unusually long lazy season recently, with moving to another country and all. I compensated by doing a few pushups and squats before every other night. 

My second week in Derry I bought a yoga mat. I expected to jump right back in where I left off, like normal. But I could hardly touch my toes, and my core strength felt nonexistent along with my balance.   

 It was devastating.

However, it seemed to be the theme of my June. 


Falling out of a yoga pose was among the less-serious weaknesses that I faced in June. I described the inner testing as an earthquake. I was reminded over and over of the few things that I am built upon, and exceed at and are truly important and worth worrying about. In contrast, everything else has been shaken up and brought to the ground completely. It's what I came here to let happen, and I know it won't be the last time in my life -or even this year that I go through an inner earthquake. However, I didn't expect it to begin nearly as soon as I stepped off the airplane. I'm so glad to get that out of the way though. So glad.


July represents an opportunity to rebuild; stronger this time, only building on my foundation. And boy do I have dreams to build right now. eeee!  


Courtney Chilton